Extraterrestrial civilizations?

There has and always will be so much controversy on the subject of whether there is life on other planets. And if there is life on other planets, are they human, like us? Are they these creepy crawler things, more like ants or maybe a larger version? Are they the gross-looking creatures that they portray in the movies?

There’s been several videos and pictures uploaded onto the internet, claiming that aliens are real and that some have taken a crash landing to Earth. Maybe it’s even like Men in Black and we have aliens roaming among us every day, disguised to look like us. Maybe they do exist but never have been seen by the human eye.

Personally, I believe aliens exist. I think it’s almost selfish for us to believe that we’re the only planet that has life and we’re the only life in space. Now, I’m not sure if these aliens exist in our universe or not. But there’s thousands of other places/planets in space that these aliens could be living.

What’s your opinion? Do you think aliens exist? Are they among us or do they still live on another planet somewhere? Is there only one kind of alien or are there several different kinds? Do they want to hurt us or will they eventually all want to live in peace? So many questions with no answers..


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